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Murgon's trusted local green grocer

Top quality, fresh fruit and vegetables daily

When you are looking for a green grocer, make murgon fruit mart your first stop we are a comprehensive fruit and vegetable retailer, providing Murgon’s freshest produce at Murgon’s best prices

We pride ourselves on stocking the finest seasonal produce at our store. Our commitment to freshness and quality is what keeps our regular customers coming back again and again. At Murgon fruit Mart, if it isn’t fresh We don’t stock it

Contact Information


60 MacAlister St,
Murgon QLD 4605,


07 4168 1138

Our Produce


We have all in season produce. We source fresh fruits and vegetables from Brisbane market twice a week.

If you are looking for an obscure fresh fruit or vegetable for that special recipe, changes are, we have it sitting on the shelf in our store!

Come in and check out the healthy and delicious range at our green grocer today.

Why We do it


Fresh fruit and vegetables don’t just taste good, they are important for your health. We believe that everyone should have access to good quality fresh produce at affordable prices.

We source our fruit and vegetable daily from growers and markets, ensuring the shortest amount of time from tree to you.

Our staff are passionate about fresh produce, so if you see something in store you are not familiar with, just ask us! We will be more than happy to share cooking tips to help you create a memorable meal. Visit our green grocer in Murgon Today.